Business Litigation Attorney

Southern California

“Lance is knowledgeable, calm and persuasive. In my experience, he is the perfect mediator. I highly recommend him for your matter.” 




Litigation Attorney

Southern California

Insurance Coverage Attorney

Southern California

Litigation Attorney

Southern California

Insurance Litigation Attorney

Southern California

“Lance LaBelle has become one of our firm’s go-to mediators for disputes involving complex issues and insurance coverage angles.  His breadth of knowledge and experience related to insurance law and insurance industry practices has proved invaluable in resolving cases.  He has used thoughtful and creative solutions to reach settlements in our cases, including some with difficult issues and personalities that, frankly, we did not think would settle.  This, coupled with his neutral and results-oriented approach, makes him an excellent choice for cases involving insurance coverage or complex litigation issues.”  

"I have used Mr. LaBelle as a mediator in the past. He does a fantastic job of calming the parties, forcing them to focus on the issues that matter, and ultimately settling their cases in a very short period of time. My experience with Mr. LaBelle has shown me that he has the right combination of demeanor and intellect to serve as a truly excellent mediator or arbitrator." 

“He listens with empathy, knowledge and objectivity and finds a way to resolve the matter for all.  It is hard to ask for better qualities in a mediator.” 

“Lance is one of the most thoughtful attorneys I've ever worked with. He is a detailed thinker who can solve difficult problems creatively and efficiently. I highly recommend him to mediate your case.” 

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